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Rock chick.


Super-strength athletic bra



At first glance, Tracey Adam appears to be the quintessential 80s rock chick - with the big hair, rubber dresses and popstar ex-boyfriend. But there is much more to her than that. For a start, she comes from a deeply religious background, with her father being a clergyman and her strange Uncle Zaphod being pope in the Intergalactic Church of Spam. This unusual background caught the attention of some British tabloids in the 1980s when the decided it was time to have a go at her and Gary. She was referred to as "sexy vicar's daughter Tracey Adam....", which was a bit incorrect as whilst her father was a vicar he really wasn't all that sexy. Tracey has experience as a graphic designer and pop video director, and whilst the record sleeves and videos she produced weren't very good they certainly weren't worse than the songs they were promoting.

Tracey feels that the greatest asset she can bring to her tribe is her skill at mediation and conciliation. She first developed this whilst having afternoon tea with her clergyman father and her atheist live-in boyfriend. She hopes to use this ability to help her team bond and become an unbeatable unit, so they can really kick the other tribe's unworthy butts.



Colour: Black
Movies: Revenge of the Stepford Wives
Music: 1980s pop
Food: The sort of healthy stuff that used to make Gary Numan feel sick when he found it in the fridge.
Drink: Evian.
Drugs: Vitamin tablets
Sports: American Football
Games: Darts