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Single but almost had to run off and join the Foreigh Legion. Fortunately it was a false alarm.

Guitarist, Violinist, Comedy Scriptwriter, Hired Killer.

Can't say, in case the police are reading this.

Hair gel



Richard Russel Rasputin Rupert Rodney Rabelais Bell, or RRRRRRussel for short, is by his own admission probably the most brilliant, talented, good-looking and yet modest person to have been born in the 20th Century. He plays every musical instrument ever invented and he also sang for the band Dramatis, who promptly disappeared without trace. It is impossible to provide a full list of his accomplishments here, as this website has a disk capacity of only 300MB so we wouldn't even get past his years at Primary School and his success playing "kiss chase" with the girls (and the boys who couldn't run fast enough). Although Rrussel has been a successful professional musician, and writes comedy material with Craig Charles, the achievement of which he is most proud is getting mentioned in Gary Numan's autobiography for his nose-picking ability.

Being so talented in every field, except for one field in the countryside near his home where he slipped in a cowpat and nearly broke his neck, Rrussel is supremely confident of winning Survivor. He is certain that if the food situation gets serious he can, simply by picking his nose, provide enough protein for the entire tribe - this will naturally strengthen his position and make him less vulnerable at Tribal Council. If only he was good at fishing he'd be able to make his position even more secure.



Colour: Black
Movies: Mary Poppins
Music: Rrussel Bell, Dramatis.
Food: Sushi. Especially if it's deep-fried and served with chips.
Drink: Anything that's wet.
Drugs: Acid
Sports: Karate, Llama-sexing
Games: Space Invaders