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Nail artist, logo tracer, assistant engineer.

Some village in Essex

Gary's willy.



For several years Gemma Webb (nee O'Neill) worked as a nail artist, which doesn't means she crucified people, it means she used to do manicures and paint people's fingernails. In more recent years she has helped her husband Gary Numan in his career. She has assisted him in all sorts of ways, in the studio and on tour, but her biggest contribution was probably the time she held a gun to his head and forced him to stop making crap funk/rock albums. Gemma continues to take a proactive role in her husband's career - it was at her instigation that he ditched the backing singers (especially the ones with good tits).

Gemma is hoping to supply another of the cliche characters so essential to the Survivor formaula - she wants to be the cute girl everyone loves; the one they all feel sorry for if anyone votes against her; the one who attracts huge offers from Playboy once the series is over. One of the advantages of being a nail artist is the fact that Gemma has been able to grow and sharpen her nails to the point where they resemble samurai swords. Gemma intends to use these secret weapons to overcome any upstarts who challenge her for the "cute jailbait" role - once she's scratched their eyes out they won't look so hot.



Colour: Black
Movies: Rocky Horror Picture Show
Music: Gary Numan.
Food: Chocolate
Drink: Gin
Drugs: Pheremones
Sports: Sky Diving
Games: Wobbly Willy Hides His Helmet