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Pilot, TV presenter, author, donkey sanctuary fundraiser, occasional musician.

Great Wankfest, Essex

Dolly the Inflatible Sheep



Gary Numan was born in Hammersmith, London on 8th March 1958 at 10:15pm and then again at 10:30pm, the second occasion being necessary as his Mum had forgotten to take her tights off the first time around. Gary attended, and was expelled from, just about every school in the London area. He finally left school with no qualifications except for a testimonial from the Sociology teacher stating that he "has a nice butt".

Gary progressed from being expelled from dead-end schools to being fired from dead-end jobs, and finally to being kicked out of dead-end punk bands. He eventually formed his own band simply so he could be the one to kick others out. After 263 changes of name and 53 changes in personnel the band became Tubeway Army. The following year Gary accidentally became famous when his single "Are Friends Electric?" sold a million copies and reached number 1 in the pop charts. Since then Gary's career has declined to the point where his latest single sold 1 copy and reached number one million in the charts.

The challenge of Survivor has much appeal for Gary. For one thing, for the first time in his life the criticism "he's only in it for the money" will be justified. He also believes that his experience of kicking people out of his band should hold him in good stead when backstabbing his team at Tribal Council. And of course a million bucks would feed a lot of donkeys.



Colour: Black
Movies: Debbie Does Dallas
Music: Anyone I can rip off
Food: Sausages and chips
Drink: Coke, Pepsi
Drugs: Coke, Ecstasy
Sports: The only ball game I like is sex
Games: Strip Poker, Nude Twister