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35.....39.....Oh all right...63


Fan Club Secretary, Wardrobe Supervisor, Hairdresser, Dressmaker.


AK47 Automatic Rifle



Born Beryl Lidyard in 1938, she worked as a dressmaker before marrying Tony and giving birth to Gary, all on the same afternoon. For most of the last 20 years Beryl has worked in the family business, playing her part in the career of her son, Gary Numan. Given her past experience as a dressmaker, it was hardly surprising when Gary took her on to look after the band's wardrobe on tour. Over time her role extended much further than this - she runs the Fan Club and is also responsible for first finding and then dyeing Gary's hair.

On the face of it, Beryl would appear to be an unlikely candidate for Survivor. However she demonstrated her survival skills even before the series started by selecting an AK47 as her luxury item. She is confident that this will come in handy when hunting for food, protecting the camp from dangerous wildlife, and influencing the vote at Tribal Council.

If she wins Survivor, Beryl has said she will spend the million dollars on releasing and promoting her own CDs. She has recorded an album, which she thinks pisses all over most of Gary's work but which he has always refused to release on Numa Records. With the million bucks to her name she intends to start "Numum Records", hype her album to death, and become a big star in her own right. And if Gary's career is on the rocks by then he can always look after her wardrobe, can't he?



Colour: Black
Movies: The Sound of Music
Music: The Sound of Music soundtrack.
Food: Mushy peas.
Drink: A small glass of sherry at Christmas.
Drugs: Paracetemol
Sports: Wrestlemania
Games: Trivial Pursuit