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29. Honest!


Backing Singer.

Cardboard City




Karen Taylor is one of approximately 3000 women who sang backing vocals for Gary Numan during the 1980s. Prior to this she had attended Art College, but dropped out after about 20 minutes to pursue a career in singing instead. She stuck at this for even longer, and managed to release two singles under the name "Yuka", which was almost appropriate given how bad the singles were. Her career in the music business came to an end in the mid 1980s, but since then she has had almost as much success as a bag lady in the east End of London..

Survivor should be a piece of cake for Karen. For example, every series of Survivor has a "Gross Food" challenge - Karen is sure this should be a doddle for her as she eats anything she can get her hands on, especially when the soup kitchen is closed. In addition, she has promised to provide one of the ingredients essential to any Survivor series, namely a female character who says "Oh my God!" every time anything at all happens. Karen's luxury item, a gag, is unusual in that it was chosen by her fellow contestants, who insist that she wears it whenever they gather together to sing around the camp fire.

If she wins Survivor, Karen intends to move into one of the big, new cardboard boxes at the better end of the railway arch.



Colour: Black
Movies: Gay Boys In Bondage
Music: Anything by Yuka.
Food: Anything that's too dead to get away.
Drink: Meths.
Drugs: Acid
Sports: Horizontal jogging
Games: none