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TJ Joe John Tessa Ade Tony Keith Gemma


Far too old to act the way he does

Single (in love with himself)

Guitarist, Keyboard player, Producer.

No fixed abode




Although his parents named him Mark Eldridge, Kipper has been known almost exclusively by his nickname since his early teens. He acquired the name in High School, as a result of his unusually smelly smegma. This problem has never left him, which explains his lack of success with girls and his subsequent need to become sexually self-sufficient.

Kipper has had a long and distinguished career in the music industry. His speciality is working with washed-up ex pop stars, who have run out of ideas and are desperate to get an album finished. His most notable work of this kind has been with Gary Numan and Sting. The association with the former didn't last very long, as Numan suddenly realised he'd rather have his teeth extracted without anaesthetic than listen to more fretwanking. Kipper is currently still working with Sting, who reads Jung and so enjoys the company of people who are completely up themselves.

Kipper believes he has a strong chance of winning Survivor Outland. His self-sufficientcy is by no means limited to his sexuality - he has many survival skills and he is also certain that his guitar playing around the camp fire will assist in team bonding. He also believes in pixies and the tooth fairy.



Colour: Black
Movies: Deep Throat
Music: Anything with lots of fretwanking guitar playing.
Food: Totally omnivorous.
Drink: Anything, so long as someone else is buying.
Drugs: Speed
Sports: Motorcycling
Games: Ludo