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Married (to his bass).

Bass player.

Currently lost in the US

An amp that goes up to 11



Joe Hubbard is an extremely talented bass guitarist, which is just as well seeing as he has acquired a reputation as being a difficult son of a bitch. His talent has seen him hired by many well known names in the music business, and his temprament has seen him fired by all of them. On Gary Numan's 1983 UK tour Joe's complete lack of patience earned him the ironic nickname "Joe the Waiter", although his fondness for marijuana led to that name being dropped in favour of "Smokin' Joe". In recent years Joe has had difficulty getting gigs, and so has concentrated on teaching students in the art of bass playing. He has also published a textbook titled "Zen and the Art of Blowing Up Amplifiers".

On the surface Joe would appear to be a strong candidate for the first person booted from this series of Survivor, as he is almost guaranteed to piss off his tribemates within the first 20 minutes. But it should be remembered that he's a big strong guy, and so might do well in some of the physical challenges. His name, however, is short and easily spelled, something which could count against him when some of these semi-illiterates have to write down someone's name each week.



Colour: Black
Movies: Shis Is Spinal Tap
Music: My own. Hell, I even like the sound of my own farts.
Food: McDonalds.
Drink: Wild Turkey.
Drugs: Marijuana
Sports: Blowing up Amps
Games: Russian Roulette