12th December 2006

Added yet another Silly Photo. Funnily enough, this one isn't even a digital cheat, it's a real picture!.

18th October 2006

Ever wondered why Numan doesn't like Philadelphia? Visit Dirty Great Big Lies to find out.

25th September 2006

Added a bit to the GNNN - Gary Numan News Network page. And this one is not a joke, it's a true story. Honest.

17th September 2006

After only 3 years, I have finally posted another piece of shite on this website. OK, it's pretty much like most of the shite I've posted in the past, but that's life. For the 2 people who are reading this, you can find it in the Silly Photos page.

10th September 2003

I renamed the "Not The NuWorld News" page to GNNN - Gary Numan News Network because, let's face it, Not The Nine O'Clock News was a sodding long time ago. But that's not all. I added the strange but true story of Gemma's boob job to that very same page, complete with an exclusive photo. Well, it would have been exclusive if it hadn't been on Rob's AFENet forum, which is where I leeched it from. And it was in OK magazine, which is where Rob leeched it from. But apart from that........

6th July 2003

Added another new Silly Photo.

30th April 2003

Added a new Silly Photo. It's sick, but very topical.

10th April 2003

Added a new Silly Photo.
Also added a new scoop to Not The NuWorld News page.

4th March 2003

Added another NuWorld Record. Since it's an animated pic I chucked it on the Numanimations page as well.
Also updated the Numan Network page. I fixed the URL's for loads of sites that had moved (thanks so much for telling me your new URL's guys ::rolls eyes::), added a new site or two, and moved loads of sites to the "It is an ex-site" section. The mortality rate seems to have been very high recently.....

27th February 2003

As you might have noticed, it's been a couple of months since I updated the site. In that time I've had a few emails, but despite them all I've decided to update the site again. The reason for the lack of updates was simply that I couldn't be bothered to do any more jokes. I was hoping to get guys like Andy Gray and Sulpher to remix some of my jokes, instead of doing any new ones myself, in the hope that with no effort on my part I'd have some stuff I could pass off as my own new material. Unfortunately everyone I asked told me to go and do things that turned out to be anatomically impossible, so I ended up doing the remixes myself. I recycled some old shite pics, added new captions, and used them to create a new NuWorld Records page. Well, I did add a new pic as well......

17th December 2002

Gary has bought yet another new caravan for his parents. See Not The NuWorld News for more details.

28th October 2002

Another new Silly Photo. This one isn't rude or smutty in any way; it's just plain silly.

22nd October 2002

I've been really busy with work recently, but I finally got a minute to do something tasteful, erudite and interesting for this website. But I decided to stick to what I know, so I did a new fart joke instead. It's on the Silly Photos page.

3rd October 2002

A brand new, but rather tasteless, Numan video is to be released soon! See Not The NuWorld News for more details.

20th September 2002

Added another new Silly Photo. In fact, to be more accurate, it's a Very Silly Photo.

4th September 2002

Added a new page, focussing on the Gary Numan Academy of Dance.

19th August 2002

Added a new Silly Photo.

5th August 2002

Gary's interest in boats has led him to join the navy! More details in Not The NuWorld News.

29th July 2002

I recently acquired another interesting item to add to my collection of Numan Memorabilia - it's truly earth-shattering so be sure not to miss it!.

13th July 2002

More Numan tribute albums are on the way! This time Yoda trades his lightsabre for a piece of vacuum cleaner pipe and covers his favourite Numan tracks. See Not The NuWorld News for more details.

10th July 2002

Added several more Dirty Great Big Lies. They're in the Miscellaneous Lies part, at the bottom of the page.
Added another small bit of Aussie Numan News.

27th June 2002

Added a small bit of Aussie Numan News.
Perhaps I'll get around to doing some more shite now the World Cup has finished........

25th June 2002

Yes, I know it's been a while since the last update. This is because my studio caught fire. I mean I suffered from record company interference. No wait - I had to watch the CNN coverage of September 11th. I mean all my computers crashed...... oh sod it.... OK, I've been watching the World Cup.
Anyway, today I added another Dirty Great Big Lie - it's all about how Gary Numan has made it into the Guinness Book of Records.
Also added the Macanoid site to the Numan Network page, and added a bit to AFENet's entry on that page.

27th May 2002

Read Not The NuWorld News to find out all about the latest, greatest Numan compilation album.
Also added a Silly Photo.

20 May 2002

Read all about Gary Numan's shock arrest in Not The NuWorld News.
Also, Russell has received a major Royal order for his Numan hair replacement products. See The Strange Story of Russell and Gary for details.

14 May 2002

I finally decided to display some items from my outstanding and unique collection of Numan Memorabilia. Imagine how high the bids would go if I ever decided to sell this lot on Ebay.

13 May 2002

Learn about Gary's unusual sporting career as Numo The Sumo.

7 May 2002

If you like a good tragedy then you'll hate The Strange Story of Russell and Gary. But if you like a crappy tragedy you'll probably love it.

29 April 2002

The Webb Cam shows that if you leave a studio deserted for long enough, unwanted visitors are likely to turn up and stay for a while.

26 April 2002

I have expanded the old Pussy Wax Challenge page and renamed it Outlandish Challenges. It now includes all the challenges I issued on the AFENET site's Forum under the title Betty's Outlandish Challenges. And what's more, we actually have a winner for one of them.....!!!!

25 April 2002

I've compiled an action-packed Highlights section on the Webb Cam page. So in case you missed any of the really good bits you can now catch up with them.
Numanoids'R'Us have launched an exciting new range of Gary Numan Inaction figures.

22 April 2002

Something's happening on the Webb Cam!!!! Alien Studio is beginning to look like Outland Studio all over again......
(nb I dunno if this is working properly on Netscrape. It's OK on Internet Exploiter).

18 April 2002

It's raining shite! Well, according to Gary It's Raining Fans.

17 April 2002

Wanna know what Gary's up to in his studio right now? Take a peek via Outland's new Webb Cam.

16 April 2002

Another scoop on the Not The NuWorld News page. This time it's the first picture of Gary and his new boat.

13 April 2002

Yes, that's right! Two new bits of shite in the same decade! If only Numan could write songs so quickly........
I've reworked the old "Outland Observer" page - it's now called Not The NuWorld News. I also added a brand new item to this page, and it's a real scoop as it includes the first view of the new Numa logo.

4 April 2002

Nothing very exciting today - just a couple of little maintenance tasks I'd been too lazy to do.
Firstly, I updated a couple of links on the Numan Network page.
I also updated the Aussie Numan Fans page, adding one or two names, changing one or two other details, and adding a cute way to prevent the email addresses from being picked up by the Spammers.

2 April 2002

At last! An update! Unfortunately it's a new low in Outland's history, as we make the National Enquirer look classy by exposing Gary's drugs habit.