How to win one million pounds.
Outland is proud to offer the biggest prize ever seen on the Internet! All you have to do is to fulfil the requirements of one of the following challenges and you will receive a carefully counterfeited one million pound note.

The difficult part is providing the proof. You must submit a genuine undoctored photo to be eligible for the prize. Anyone submitting a fake photo will not receive a penny, and while we might use your picture on this page we'll definitely take the piss out of you at the same time.

Send your photos to Outlandish Challenges Hotline.



Merchandise stall.
This is a very simple challenge - simply make a sign saying "ALL PROCEEDS GO TOWARDS BUYING GARY'S NEW BOAT" and sticking it up next to the merchandise stall at a Numan gig.


Will Wilson, a member of the Glasgow Crazies, won this challenge at the Numan weekender gigs in April 2002. I'm not sure if Will is the white-faced person in the pic. I hope for his sake it's not really him.



Have a photo taken of yourself with Gary Numan. But you have to be wearing a T-shirt bearing the slogan "I am an AFENET no-life bitcher".



Audience participation.
At a Numan gig, chant "Row row row your boat, gently down the stream" etc between songs. Instead of a photo, the only acceptable proof for this challenge is a bootleg recording of the gig, on which the chant is clearly audible. If the gig is released on a live album, and you have pissed Gary off enough for him to have edited you out, then you will receive double the usual prize.



This Prison Moon.
To win this challenge, you need to be photographed mooning at Gary. Both Gary and yourself, or at least some part of yourself, must be clearly visible in the photo. Extra prizes may be awarded if you have written a rude message across your bum.



Pussy Wax challenge.

Lots of Numan fans have a Numan-related tattoo. Let's face it - it's old hat now. It would be far more original to have a Numan-related pubic hairstyle. There are so many possibilities : a pyramid shape (should be easy), Telekon stripes, Exile logo, Numa logo, Sacrifice logo. You could even take it all off, in an attempt to resemble Gary immediately prior to his hair transplant. The mind boggles, and so (hopefully) will the eyes, because I am challenging the world's Numanoids to get waxing and send me a photo of the result. I will publish your pictures online (you can remain anonymous if you so choose), and you will win a fabulous prize! That's a great challenge - except for the part about the prize, which is a total lie.

Personally, I'm hoping Gemma gets a Numan-related pussy wax, so the next time she flashes her Nads at someone she will be able to insult them and advertise Numan merchandise all at the same time.