Sugarbabes out of the Aussie charts

10 July 2002 : The Sugarbabes "Freak LIke Me" has exited the ARIA singles chart after a stay of 1 week at number 44. However it's been in the New Zealand top 50 for 4 weeks and is now up to number 29.

Sugarbabes in the Aussie charts

02 July 2002 : The Sugarbabes "Freak LIke Me" has entered the ARIA singles chart at number 44.

Pure is available in Australia

04 Dec 2000 : Pure is now available in Australia. Although Eagle's Aussie distributors are now Warners, or one of their subsidiaries, it turns out that they've done sodall and are unlikely to do anything for the forseeable future. So Riot Distribution have arranged with Spitfire to bring in some US copies and distribute them here. In theory, record shops throughout Australia should be able to get copies without having to import them. If your record shop doesn't know who Riot are, they can be contacted on (02) 4226 6655. If the record shop is still not being helpful, which is likely with most of the damn chain stores, you can always phone Riot yourself and get the CD direct from them on mail order. Alternatively, you can get it from the Metal Zone website.
Riot are primarily into Heavy Metal, but the guy I spoke to said it's a great album and that metalheads are getting into it.

Koochy in the Aussie charts

05 June 2000 : Armand Van Helden's "Koochy" is at number 72 in the main ARIA chart, and at number 12 in the club chart. I still don't like it though!

How to help Cars go up in the charts

22nd July 1999 : If you are going to buy a copy of the Fear Factory "Cars" single, you could help its chart position by NOT buying it from Sanity. I have been told that sales in Sanity shops are not included in the ARIA charts..

Cars enters the Aussie charts

20th July 1999 : The new cover version of Cars, credited to "Fear Factory featuring Gary Numan", has entered the Australian chart at number 89 (hurrah!). This is Gary's first appearance on the Aussie singles chart since 1980 (boo hiss!). Don't forget to visit Triple J's request page, as every bit of airplay helps.

Fear Factory's "Cars"

6th July 1999 : Fear Factory's "Cars" video was shown on "Rage" on Friday night AND Saturday night last weekend. I taped it, so if any Aussie Numan fan missed it and wants a copy, just send me an email and we might be able to arrange something. The song has also had some airplay on Triple J. Do what I did, go to Triple J's request page and help it get played again.

Numan vinyl for sale

11th August 1998 : Yesterday I went to Red Eye records. In their 2nd hand shop (just opposite the main shop) they had a shitload of Numan vinyl for sale. There was a big display of albums and 7" singles above the "N" section in the CD racks, and the "N" vinyl section was stuffed full of goodies as well. I just flicked through quickly, as I don't buy vinyl any more myself, but I saw a 12" interview picture disk (looked like a bootleg to me), a gatefold sleeve copy of Replicas, the New Man Numan compilation, Japanese I Die : You Die single, Fury picture disk, and many more. The ones I looked closely at seemed to be in excellent condition - their previous owner had looked after them well before selling them off into slavery. So if anyone is still looking for Numan vinyl, check out Red Eye soon!
I'm a little bit pissed off, because the reason why I went in there was to see if they were interested in buying some of my vinyl. Damn - just too late!

Beggars Banquet reissues

30th June 1998 : You know those reissues of Tubeway Army, Replicas, Pleasure Principle and Telekon? The great news is that Shock Records have done local pressings of them, and they're available for around $20 each. This is around a $12 saving on the import prices!!!!!!!!

Box Set and Exile Extended

12th June 1998 : Festival Records are going to be distributing the 5CD box set "The Numa Years", which Eagle are releasing this month. So it will be available locally, though it won't be a local pressing. The price has not yet been determined, owing to the fact that the Aussie dollar is currently going down faster than Linda Lovelace. It seems that Festival will do the same for the Extended version of the Exile album, though they are not sure when because it is still listed as "Pending" by Eagle.

Oh yeah - they don't know when Gary is going to be coming out here. Like the rest of us they've heard stories about him visiting these shores, but they don't know when it is likely to actually happen. Bummer, huh?

Revolver feature

27th May 1998 : the current issue of Sydney music paper Revolver has a large feature on Gary. I hope to have the whole thing online in a day or two.

Dominion Day CD single

Festival Records released Dominion Day on Monday 18th May. According to the Festival saleswoman I spoke to the catalogue number is D1700 and the songs are :
Dominion Day (video edit)
Dominion Day (extended)

ie it's not the same as either UK single.

Rip It Up Interview

On the evening of Tuesday 28th April (Aussie time) Gary did a 40 minute phone interview with Rip It Up, a freebie music paper for the Adelaide area. Gary was asked when he'd be visiting Down Under, and it appears that the visit being planned for after the US tour is now looking likely to be a promotional trip. The idea seems to be for Gary to do as much TV, radio and press as possible, to generate enough interest to justify booking reasonably large venues for a tour. So whilst it's bad news in a way (no gigs just yet), if everything works out it'll mean that Gary will be out here twice. nb At the moment this information is third-hand. I'll tell you more when I hear it.
I can just imagine Gary performing Dominion Day on Midday with Kerri-Anne - I'd recommend that he goes back to the Berserker look, as he'd fit right in with the blue-rinse set!

Triple J Interview

On 20th April Gary was interviewed live on Triple J radio, during Jane Gazzo's Requests show. The text of the interview can be found here.

Festival Records release Exile

In a major shock, the Festival Records release of Exile is not too hard to find!!!!!! HMV in Pitt Street, Sydney, had 9 copies of it when I looked. I wanted to buy them all, but I couldn't afford it.

Dominion Day

Festival Records are due to release Dominion Day on 18th May.

If you hear anything of interest, please email me!!!!!!!