A rare picture of Gary in his transvestite phase. The best bit about this is the fact that I didn't have to fake this pic - it's a capture from the Heart video.


It was unfortunate that Gary's chronic back problem recurred during the filming of the In A Dark Place video.


Nervous at the prospect of his first chart hit for 83 years, Gary had to nip off for a quick dump during the filming of the Crazier video.



A British soldier in Iraq makes a partially successful attempt to recreate the Pure album cover.


Gary never really fitted in with the punks. He particularly hated the way they laughed at him whenever he pogoed.


The Artful Records A&R team waiting patiently for Gary Numan to deliver his new album.


Gary Numan has often been accused of ripping off other artists. This security camera still from the Dancestar 2000 Awards shows this to be true.


Gemma was really excited when Gary told her he was giving her a car. Right up until she saw that it was just the one he used to drive onstage for Down In The Park on the Teletour.


Gary snorts a few lines of coke.


By 1992 Gary was so completely broke that he couldn't afford a seat IN the plane.


Gary was never very comfortable with his Amish upbringing, so it was hardly surprising when he rebelled and became a punk.


The moment when Dorothy became certain she wasn't in Kansas any more.


Warriors Tour Tribal Council - It was no surprise when the troublesome bass player was one of the first to be voted off the tour bus.


Bloody seagull....


Not content with fucking up Gary's career, a group of Radio One DJs try to do the same to his plane.


Miles Copeland's A&R man, Luca Brazzi, talks Tony Webb into signing with IRS Records


Ever wondered why Gary rarely smiles for photos?


Numan's cat echoes Gary's feelings about fan websites that criticize too much.

Thanks to Joey for this one!


Gary discovers superglue.


Lucky bastard


Warriors did not chart as well as had been hoped, even though Gary tried to help it along by buying hundreds of copies himself.



This fan obtained a lock of Gary's hair in 1979. In this picture, taken in 1983, Gary buys it back for an undisclosed sum.


Gary shows that he has plenty of animal magnetism.


Gary pictured shortly after a meeting with Miles Copeland.


Gary pictured on stage in the year 2045 during the tour promoting the 85th reissue of "Cars".


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