I am on a mission from God. The mission is to make try to get as many Australian Numan fans in touch as possible. If you live Down Under and are into Uncle Gary's music, email me and I'll add you to the list. Hopefully this will allow us all to exchange Numan items, tape things others haven't heard etc etc. So please, contact me, as the map above is a bit short of red dots at the moment.

nb Nowadays there are far too many webcrawlers looking for email addresses and spamming the ones they can find. So none of the email addresses on this page actually work - even the few that are still up to date! All I've done is to add the word "piss" to the address, so to get a valid address (well, the most recent one I've got for these people), you simply have to take the piss out of the address and you should be OK.

PS Some people do not have Internet access or email. If you want to contact one of these poor bastards, get in touch with me and I'll play match-maker.


Martin Purvis
Craig Sue
David Pipe
David Banks
James Williams
Jamie Murrie


Ashley Fletcher
Lorne Sturdy
Chris Rumble
E. Bunce
Michael Murnane
Mark Beetham
David Broydell


Porl Shaiman
Lindsay Astin
Ian Vaughan
Jimi Smith
Petra Rankin
Paul Numan


Mark Taylor
Steven White


Bart Tieman


Greg Geason

Gold Coast

Bruce Mott


Matt Boswell


Ben J. Peden and Jean Burgess

Wagga Wagga

Linda Astrup


Jason Hart