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"I'm a little teapot short and stout,
Here is my handle, here is my spout.."


The fans' prayers are answered : Gary resorts to physical violence in an attempt to get Kipper to shut the smeg up.


Black clothes, huge black boots. It must be......


Gary hopes that if he crosses his legs and looks casual, Saffron won't notice that he's got a stiffy.



This is the only picture on Outland which is a little bit juicy. In fact, some people have called it disgusting. SO, you now have to click here to see it. Do not click this link unless you are a consenting adult, who doesn't mind seeing dirty photos of people with large objects inserted into them.
Summer 1981. Police Sergeant Sandra Laflin waits patiently for the doctor to come and remove Gary's rounders bat.


World Cup : Netherlands vs Argentina

Dutch fullback Arthur Numan is sent off by referee Nick Kent. All together now... "You're a bastard, you're a bastard, you're a bastard referee....."



Gary pulled off a masterstroke on his 1982 US tour, by employing Uncle Fester as his drummer. Not only did Fester lay down a solid rhythmic platform for the music, but by putting lightbulbs in his mouth he was able to provide part of the light show as well.


Will he go....The Full Gary?


Gary has a "bad weave day"


Don't laugh. Passing a kidney stone is very painful.


When pilots eat nothing but sausages, they need to take precautions against farts in the cockpit.



Gary tucking into a bag of chips. I've often thought that Gary's diet of chips, burgers and sausages is the reason for Exile's delay. If Gary ate more fibre I'm sure his releases would be more regular.


The real reason for all the delays with Exile : Outland studio's chronic power supply problems.


The transplant operation was a complete success, though it took a couple of days for the bleeding to stop.


Safely strapped into his cargo loader, Gary prepares to do battle with the Alien Queen.


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