Gary Numan is a vampire. Come on, admit it, you always suspected it to be the truth. He wasn't always that way - but when he was 19 he accidentally drank the blood of a vampire, which resulted in him also becoming a creature of the night. It was rather unfortunate the way it happened......
It was a Saturday night, and Gary had managed to pick up a beautiful woman, who just happened to be a vampire. She was following her normal hunting pattern - ie she was going to shag him and then drain him. Suspecting nothing out of the ordinary, he was performing oral sex on her when her period began in a big way. By the time he realised what he was lapping up it was too late. No matter how much he gargled with Listerine he couldn't stop the infection.
From that moment, Gary has never been seen in daylight. His skin has been unnaturally white, he always wears dark clothes, and as his vampire powers increased with time his hair mysteriously regenerated.
Gary has often said that he owes everything to his fans. This is the literal truth, because he feeds ravenously on them whenever he can. Where do you think all those Numan fans from 1979/80 went to? He killed them all! And if you don't believe me, here's proof......



    "This Is My House".
(This was the house in Virginia Water. As you can see, it was a dump).


    What a giveaway!


    The entire Webb family.



    Gary with his brother John, who is a werewolf.