For most of his career, Gary Numan has preferred to have a tough, macho image. Admittedly he has looked like a nancy at times, but mostly he's tried to look butch. He's worn the leathers, he's driven his car at warp speed, flown ancient planes in suicide missions around the world, shagged a bunch of groupies, all that stuff. But it's all a front. Gary is really your original Sensitive New Age Guy. Just ask Gemma - OK she was initially attracted to Gary's macho persona, but what really made her fall in love with him was his skill at embroidery, his foot rubs, and his willingness to discuss the importance of the female orgasm. You don't believe me? As if I'd ever lie to you........

Gary with his most prized possession - a signed copy of his favourite book.

Gary and Saffron discuss women's sanitary products on daytime TV. Gary was quick to point out that tampons are hugely overpriced by greedy manufacturers who have a captive market, and offered to donate all the royalties from his next single to research into Toxic Shock Syndrome. The $2.50 should come in handy.

Gary has always been keen to do his share of the housework.