The gang's copy of Alien magazine has finally arrived. As usual, it is late. "Holy crap!", exclaims Velma, "Gary Numan is playing a one-off gig at the Manchester Academy.......TONIGHT!".

They all pile into the Mystery Machine and head straight off to the Manchester Academy. As usual, Freddie drives and looks inanely out of the driver's side window.

It is dark by the time they reach the venue. The Manchester Academy looks very scary indeed. Scooby and Shaggy immediately shit themselves and try to sneak away, Velma spots them and quickly applies the genital cuffs to restrain the cowardly duo. Daphne tries to reassure them : "Don't worry, they've just made the place look spooky to attract the goth kids".

The gig is sold out, but Daphne and Velma turn a few tricks and soon raise enough cash to buy tickets from a scalper. As always, Daphne insists that they push their way to the centre of the front row, in the hope that Gary will look down the front of her dress when he's on the stage. She still believes that she stands a chance, even though Gary is married. "After all", she thinks, "I'm young, beautiful, intelligent, a great lay, and my tits are better than Gemma's".

The dry ice swirls, the stage lights shine, the intro music begins, and instantly Scooby and Shaggy begin to bop around like idiots. Because they are idiots.

And then the big moment arrives - Gary appears on stage to sing the first song. The audience goes berserk. Velma is immediately turned on. She sighs and blushes. "Gary looks great - he seems to have lost some weight", she tells Daphne.

"Hmmmmm - and some height", replies Daphne. "And his crotch bulge is smaller than usual. I think something is going on here....."

Daphne appears to be correct. Gary's performance is complete and utter crap. His singing is totally off-key, he swears at the audience between songs, and minces about the stage. The sound is lousy too, and the feedback is so intense that Scooby howls in agony.

Gary announces that the next song will be "Emotion". He is immediately pelted with overripe tomatoes, a fate which is usually reserved for the support bands at Numan gigs.

Unable to take any more, the gang leave the auditorium and sneak around backstage to see if they can find any clues as to Gary's mysterious transformation. As usual, Shaggy trails behind, in case the gang walks into a trap. He is completely unaware that he is being followed by an NME journalist who was assigned to slag off the gig.

Velma hears muffled cries for help coming from a cupboard in Gary's dressing room. The gang look inside, and find someone bound and gagged.

As they begin to remove the bandages covering the man's face, the gang are amazed to find that he looks just like Gary Numan! Being a little bit less dense than the others, Velma guesses what is going on here. "This is the real Gary - the one on stage is an imposter!". Daphne feels for his crotch, and is quickly able to confirm Gary's identity.

Everyone charges onto the stage, in order to apprehend the culprit before he can alienate the rest of Gary's fans.

As usual, Freddie is the one to unmask the villian. "Let's find out who you really are", he says. He peels off the obligatory latex mask to reveal...........

.....MARC ALMOND!!!!!!!. "Curses!", he snarls, "you spoiled my fiendish plan. I hate Gary Numan, and I wanted to destroy his career forever. I'm sure I'd have got away with it if it wasn't for you pesky kids!"

This is too much for Scooby. He's faced some hideous villians before, but none has been quite so terrifying as this!

The rest of the gang beat the shit out of Marc Almond, while Scooby does his best to entertain the crowd with his renditions of classic songs like Roll Out The Barrel and Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag