This article appeared in the "Rockin' Horse" feature of the TV Week issue of 9 Aug 1980.

Easy, Rider

...Gary looks towards the finishing post

Rock superstar Gary Numan plans to "throw it all in" within the next two years.
In a frank interview with Rockin' Horse Numan revealed his reasons for wanting to quit.
"A performer only has a limited life-span," he said. "You can only stay at the top so long. You have to know when to get out," he said.
"I've paid a pretty heavy price for fame. It's like being a goldfish in a bowl, with everyone staring in at you. I just can't go out anymore."

Because of his frantic recording and touring schedule Gary takes advantage of every break he gets. "When we were in America on a five week tour, we only managed one day off" he said.
Rockin' Horse has an exclusive photograph of Gary relaxing on one of his rare days off. "I decided to go horse riding because it was something I'd never done before. It was a really enjoyable experience."
Gary said he will probably do one more tour and then concentrate on making videos. His new album, Telekon, will be out soon and a live album is also planned. "I'm out to make as much money out of it as I can," he admits openly, "but that doesn't mean ripping off people that come to my show or buy my records."

And yes, I know the pictures aren't the best quality. You try scanning 17 year old magazines and see what you end up with!