Gary Numan fans the world over are finding that their credit cards are unable to cope with the battering they have been taking, as their owners try to buy all the Numan releases that have flooded the market recently. Outland is proud to announce that the NUMACARD has successfully passed through final testing, and is now available to the general public.

The Numacard is THE card for Numan completists. That puny card you currently carry winces every time you surf to CDNow or NuStreet, doesn't it? Well this card won't! It's made of special Numaphilic plastic, so that it actually enjoys buying Numan CDs. In fact, you have to be careful not to leave it alone with your PC, or you might find that it orders CDs all by itself.

Frequent Buyers

Our reward program pisses all over anyone else's. Every dollar you spend on Numan merchandise earns you one Frequent Buyer point. 1 point entitles you to a free Receiver Records compilation CD, 5 points get you a Cleopatra reissue, and 20 points means you can get something fairly decent like an Eagle Records or Beggars Banquet reissue. Of course, your reward doesn't have to be Numan merchandise. 20,000 points will be enough for a round-the-world trip, staying at fairly good hotels on the way and getting better than average airline food (ie almost edible). Already, one English completist has accrued so many points, by buying all the various reissues and compilations, that he is now booked in on the first Space Shuttle flight to take fare-paying passengers.
nb "dollar" refers to Australian dollars. As a rough guide, A$1 is approximately equal to about US$0.67, or 41p, or 678,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 lire.

Free T-shirt!!!

Fill out the application form below. If your application is approved you will receive this exclusive T-shirt absolutely free.

Numacard application form.

First name
Middle initial
Date of Birth
REAL year of birth! (lying bastard)
E-mail address
Annual Salary
Are you gullible? Yes No
Any history of Credit Card Fraud? Yes No