Special introduction
by a fairly accurate facsimile of
Reverend Fred Nile
Hello everybody!

As part of my ongoing morals campaign, I have been targetting the more disgusting elements of Australian society, and attempting to persuade them to clean up their acts. Failing this, I have been encouraging them to offer a family-orientated alternative version of their wares. The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras committee told me to go fuck myself, but I did have more success with my second priority, namely the Outland website. Let's face it - the site is a putrid sewer of disgusting filth. But after a little persuasion, and a lot of bribery, the webmaster has agreed to create a family-orientated version of his website, and to run it in parallel with the existing bucket of snot. I wanted him to call it "Wholesome Outland", but in the spirit of compromise I am prepared to accept his suggestion of Lite Shite.

This new version is such a huge improvement! There are no fart jokes. There is no smut. All disgusting references to genitalia have been removed. There is no mention of pert breasts on 19 year old seductresses. The word "fuck" has been totally erased - in fact all bad language has been removed.

So I ask you to please bookmark Lite Shite, and in so doing cast your vote for a clean Internet for the whole family to enjoy!





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