So far 1,530,357 different versions of "Cars" have been released. OK, it's a classic song, but isn't that getting a little bit silly? Some of the versions are excellent. One or two are complete and utter lemons. So I thought I'd gather a few of them together and invite you to play........


Welcome to the Parking Lot, so called because it's large, not very interesting to look at, and full of Cars. These Real Audio files are optimised for 28K modems. If you don't have the RealAudio Player, you can download it from here.
John Peel session
7" single
Living Ornaments '79 (live)
Brisbane 27/5/80 (bootleg)
Living Ornaments '81 (live)
Warriors Tour (bootleg)
White Noise (live)
E Reg Model / Premier Mix
Motorway Mix
Ghost (live)
93 Sprint
Top Gear
Dream Corrosion (live)
Dave Clarke (Random)
Mike Dearborn (Random 2)
Spahn Ranch Mix (The Mix)
Tella 2 XLC Mix (The Mix)
JLAB Mix (The Mix)
Exile tour (live)