The Authors

Martin Abdullah Purvis is the owner and main author of Outland. Although now an Australian citizen, Martin was born and dragged up in England, and still has the silly Pommie accent to prove it. Martin has a First Class Bachelor of Science honours degree, which often impresses people until they find out that it was in Ecology. Martin is married with 2 daughters, and as a result has so little cash that he is thinking of becoming a registered charity. Currently working as an Analyst/Programmer, Martin's main ambition in life is to make it to the end of the week.

Igor plays the Assistant to Martin's Mad Scientist. Unusually for such relationships, Igor is a hunk and it is Martin who is the ugly little hunchbacked dwarf with a wooden leg. Igor's main hobby is expectorating, though he has a more than passing interest in masturbation, which is how he developed those bulging biceps.

The late, great Rikki Tikki Tavi was Martin's assistant for the first months of Outland's existence. She was a dedicated Numan fan, and is the only cat in history who would get up on her back legs and dance to "I Can't Stop", with only a small amount of force being applied by her owner. Sadly, Rikki Tikki died of cancer at the end of 1997. This has had many effects : Martin's lap is now empty and cold as he slaves over his PC to bring you all the latest Numan Shite, and the standard of jokes in Outland has dropped dramatically because Rikki Tikki was the really witty one of the team. On the plus side, Martin's testicles are now recovering from the very painful way that Rikki Tikki used to stand on them whenever she jumped onto his lap.

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Martin, Igor, and the Ghost of Rikki Tikki

Mission Statement

Outland intends to be the Numan site with a difference. Here you can find all of the Numan shite that's fit to print, right alongside most of the Numan shite that isn't fit to print.
This is the only site that dares to bring you this little-known information. It's not that we're all that brave, it's just that we live on the opposite side of the world from Gary, so we should be fairly safe should he turn violent. Let's hope he doesn't know how to make letterbombs.

Copyright Information

Absolutely everything on this website is 100% copyright. ie We copied everything from other sites, but we did it right.

How to get the most out of this site

Outland is best viewed with Explorer 4, as when we write this shite we mostly use IE4 to make sure that it looks halfway respectable. Netscrape 4 should just about be OK too.
The site should only be viewed by consenting adults, who have been examined by a doctor to check that their bodies are able to cope with the barrage of bad puns, in-jokes, awful sight gags and fart jokes that have made Outland what it is today. Making out a will might be a good idea too.
Ideally, your computer should be operating at a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, at room temperature, under normal earth gravity and one atmosphere air pressure. Large amounts of alcohol would be helpful.
If you cannot manage this environment your viewing pleasure may be lessened. For example, I tried it whilst sober and using Netscape 2 and it looked like shit.

What famous people have said about this site

"It's a pile of shite" - Saddam Hussein

"C'est merde" - Jacques Cousteau

"Virtual kitty litter" - Hillary Clinton

"If I ever get my hands on that bastard...." - G. Numan

"Totally f**king useless" - Tinky Winky

"Outland is a total delight! Whilst superficially a Gary Numan site, it is really a commentary on the sad state of the world today. It ruthlessly lampoons society by means of pathos, parody, and a razor-sharp wit. It cuts close to the bone, yet manages a masterful balancing act, so that it never quite crosses the line into the realm of the sensational, the exploitative, the cheap or the tawdry. One particularly loved the Fart Jokes." - Queen Elizabeth II


Because we'd desperately like to attract some advertising revenue, we wrote an extremely devious data collection system to discover more information about this site's readers. Our cookies are able to determine your age, sex, height, weight, bank balance, blood group, sperm count and which football team you support. This data has been collated, and a sample is presented here in the hope that gullible advertisers will be attracted by the demographics and volunteer to throw money at us.

05 August 1997
Pardon the fanfare, but someone actually liked Outland. Those tasteful people at the 80s server have made this the umpteenth Numan Network site to be named as the Awesome Site of the Day. And I didn't have to pay them very much either.


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